Specialty Shows



7:30 – 3 and Out (30 Minutes, Pre Recorded)

3 and Out is a rapidly paced sports competition show similar to ESPN’s Around The Horn. Each week two panelists face off on popular sports topics to battle for points by arguing their side of a question for 30 seconds each, all for 30 seconds of Face Time at the end of the show. See where your opinion lies and tune into 3 and Out.

For More Information On 3 And Out contact:

Producer: Reed Hunter        (rjhunter@email.uark.edu)

Assistant: Tyler Woessner   (twoessne@email.uark.edu)



5:30 – Razorback Reels (30 Minutes, Live)

Razorback Reels is all about movies and film. From big screen productions to local theatre, Reels explores all things movies in 30 minutes of pure fun and entertainment. Grab some popcorn and tune in to Razorback Reels!

For More Information on Razorback Reels contact:

Producer: Chelsea Hawthorn   (cmruffin@email.uark.edu)

Assistant Producer: Kinsey Williams (klw035@email.uark.edu)


7:00 – In The Net (30 Minutes, Pre Recorded)

In The Net is Northwest Arkansas’ only show dedicated purely to soccer.  From the biggest leagues like EPL, Bundesliga, and MLS to the biggest tournaments such as the Champions League and the World Cup, In the Net has you covered. Tune in and catch the latest soccer news including updates on the USA’s men’s and women’s national teams. 

For More Information On In The Net contact:

Producer: Brett Rorie              (brorie@email.uark.edu)

Assistant: Rachael Caldwell    (racaldwe@email.uark.edu)



6:00 – Not So Late Show (30 Minutes, Pre Recorded)

Filmed in front of a live studio audience, you never know what you’re going to get with the Not So Late Show. A weekly themed variety show, Not So Late has done everything from girlfriend drafts to birthday queen competitions. There’s a method to our madness, and that’s laughter. So tune in to Not So Late and laugh it up!

For More Information On The Not So Late Show contact:

Producer: Reed Hunter (rjhunter@email.uark.edu)

Assistant Producer: Chelsea Hawthorn (cmruffin@email.uark.edu) 


7:30 – Campus Crossfire (30 Minutes, Live)

From the left wing to the right, Campus Crossfire covers political news from the White House to right here in Arkansas. Campus Crossfire also gives you an inside look at the U of A’s Associated Student Government. From the USA to the U of A, it’s Campus Crossfire. Tune in and be in the know.

For More Information On Campus Crossfire contact:

Producer: Jeff Martin (jlm050@uark.edu)

Assistant: Reed Hunter (rjhunter@email.uark.edu)



5:30 – Noise Culture (30 minutes, Live)

Noise Culture is all about the music of today. Covering the Billboard charts, newest singles and music videos, Noise Culture keeps you in the know about the music scene. Noise Culture also covers the latest news on all the artists and bands making headlines. Up your music IQ, and tune into Noise Culture.

Producer: Dylan Jones            (gaj001@email.uark.edu)

7:00 – The Sports Advantage (1 Hour, Live)

The Sports Advantage is UATV’s longest running specialty shows. TSA covers all of the biggest sports with opinionated panelists, giving you an insider’s perspective on Arkansas Razorback athletics through interviews with local sports journalists. Tune in to TSA and give your sports knowledge an advantage.

For More Information On The Sports Advantage contact:

Producer: Logan Jung   (ljung@email.uark.edu)

Assistant: Eric Harris     (eah003@email.uark.edu)



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