About UATV

About UATV

Underwriting with UATV

Announcements, also known as underwriting, present a factual and informative message describing your business, service or product. Unlike commercial television, announcements remain uncluttered and are not placed between announcements from other businesses. Pride yourself in knowing you’re supporting the University of Arkansas. Your business, service, or product can be seen as a mainstay for the University.

Underwriting announcements begin with the dialog, ” is brought to you by…” and may include the following:

  • Trade or brand name identifying your business, product or service
  • Business, product or service logo
  • Location
  • Number of years in business
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Concepts as discussed with a UATV representative

FCC Regulations prohibit the following: Comparative or qualitative descriptions, pricing or discount information and inducements to purchase and direct solicitations or calls to action.

UATV will be happy to develop your announcement to target your audience while complying with FCC regulations.