Student Entrepreneurs Remember Arkansas Graduates

by Nanci Flores

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Known as the longest tradition in miles and years, Senior Walk carries the legacy of all Razorback graduates.

For one student run, non-profit business the unique tradition serves as an opportunity learn about entrepreneurship outside the classroom.

Students can enroll in the four thousand level marketing class called S.A.K.E. through the Walton College of Business. The name of the course comes from the abbreviation of Students Acquiring Knowledge through Enterprise.

Before admission to the class, students fill out an online application and go through an interview process. Once accepted into the competitive class, students learn how to work in a team environment and manage the business known as, Forever Red.

Even though the program began in 1996, S.A.K.E. continues to grow with the help of a $600,000 endowment from UA alumnus Frank Fletcher. The Arkansas native completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1963. Through the support of the Fletcher Foundation and other benefactors, S.A.K.E. students have been able to travel to China, Tunisia, Costa Rica and Belize.

As an innovative entrepreneurship course, S.A.K.E. has received two national awards. The unique class allows students to offer personalized products of the Razorback experience. Forever Red offers Arkansas made products, such as framed diplomas and Senior Walk rubbings.

“Keeping that close to heart maybe at your office or your home or wherever you want it to be.” S.A.K.E. Marketing Manager Hunter Wilson said. “It’s really cool to see that you can keep your Senior Walk rubbing with you and so it’s really rewarding when a customer gets that.”

Students interested in accounting, marketing, customer service, operations and commercialization are encouraged to apply for the Fall 2018 semester by Feb. 28.

Wilson said he plans to use the marketing and interpersonal skills learned in the class after he graduates in May. He said he hopes to apply the skills to his career in insurance sales.

For the link to the S.A.K.E. Fall 2018 application, visit the Forever Red website.

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