Northwest Arkansas City Recognized for Growth

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark — With a new master plan in place and more job opportunities, Springdale is growing. In fact, the city was ranked the sixth fastest growing small city in America by

But it hasn’t always been this way.

Despite Glenn Schnetzinger’s 30 years of experience as a florist, owning his flower shop, Organic Creations in Springdale, has not always been easy.

“How can you attract them to your store, if [the street] is a thoroughfare?” Schnetzinger said.

It started to change when investors and community members came together with a plan to revitalize Springdale.

Now Emma Street has become more than just a thoroughfare – it is something people can be proud of.

“As downtown grows we try to think about what is it that’s going to really improve quality of life. Whether you’re from one background or another, really finding some commonality in all that,” said Kelly Syer, Executive Director of the Downtown Springdale Coalition.

The idea of diverse options and amenities can now be seen throughout the city in places like Turnbow Park.

It features the spring of Springdale and the trail system runs right through it, leading pedestrians to Emma Street.

Diversity goes beyond activities. It is also a focus of the city’s culture. It is the identity Schnetzinger envisions for Springdale.

“We can all go out and nobody is judging, we are just here being good to each other,” said Schnetzinger.

Now, Springdale residents can embrace and be proud of their future, as it is focuses on their culture that is as diverse as Schnetzinger’s flowers.

Springdale’s next project is the renovation of Luther Park. They will present the ideas to the public in early 2018.

The city will have an “Ozarktober Fest” the last weekend of October where people can celebrate the Ozarks while taking in everything Springdale now has to offer.

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