Superfan Inspires Razorback Football Team

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Last weekend, the Razorback football team lost to the Texas A&M Aggies 50 to 43 in overtime. While many Razorback fans were upset, there is one fan that can teach people a little lesson about being positive.

The loss was even emotional for Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema.

“It’s just gut wrenching,” Bielema said after the game..

The loss resonated with fans so much that they tweeted negative thoughts all over Twitter with the hashtag “#HeartbreakHogs”.

But there is one fan who has never wavered when the Razorbacks go through rough patches.

“Love it, love it,” superfan Canaan Sandy said when talking about Razorback football.

Every game, the players see him waiting at the end of the player walk. His mother, Ginger Sandy, posted a video of all the football players lining up to hug him before the first game of the season. More than 8 million people across all social media platforms have watched it.

“I mean the whole world has seen this, it’s crazy,” Ginger Sandy said.

But this is about more than just a few hugs.

“That’s what I would want the world to know, that these young men have not seen any barriers or any discrimination and they just accept him as a peer, as a friend,” Ginger Sandy said.

This friendship gave so many a glimpse inside Razorback nation.

“They’re just in awe that they would take the time and we are too and yet it was such a simple thing to do,” Ginger Sandy said.

These simple gestures have made all the difference,, and the superfan isn’t afraid to show it.

“They don’t have to win for us to love them – we love these kids,” said Ginger.

Because it’s about more than a game. It’s about how a hug is sometimes all all a person needs to recover from a little heartbreak.

The Hogs are set to take on New Mexico State Saturday. It’ll be the Razorbacks’ fourth game of the season.

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