Emergency Preparedness Department Gives Tips to Stay Safe

Emergency Preparedness at the University of Arkansas informs students of hazardous events taking place on campus.

Most students have received a Raz-Alert for serve weather, but the department has plans in place for other events including power outages, civil disturbances and fire.

Act 562, the law that allows individuals to carry a concealed handgun on campus, was recently passed to provide additional defense in the event of a active shooter. Even with the new law, UAPD will continue its current active shooter policy.

“Avoid, deny, defend is still the method we will continue to teach, now we would hope that if an individual has a concealed carry permit with the proper endorsement and they are carrying that day they will inform the room,” said Capitan Matt Mills.

UAPD follows the avoid, deny and defend policy in the event of an active shooter. If at all possible leave the area by moving away from the disturbance.

If you are unable to leave, remain quite turn off the lights, lock your door and barricade the entry. As a last resort during a active shooter event defend yourself and others.

An active shooting can take place at anytime with little warning.

“The law requires that they do carry concealed and not open so anybody carrying openly would still be in violation of that statued but if there is a student that is afraid or a faculty or staff member because they believe somebody to be armed then we would ask them to call us like they would normally,” Mills said.

Further information concerning emergency preparedness can be found at emergency.uark.edu.

Story by UATV Reporter Jarrett Hobbs

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