Attorney General Puts on Workshop for Local Police Officers

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge put on a workshop today aimed to teach officers skills to handle high stress situations.

Lieutenant Brian Murphy spoke about the Sikh temple tragedy in Wisconsin, where he was shot 15 times in close range.

“As soon as I see the gun, boom boom, we both shoot,” he said.

He still has a bullet lodged in his neck.

Murphy showed graphic dash cam videos from the incident, where six people died and four others were injured.

All in hopes that these officers would learn from his tragedy.

Dr. Olivia Johnson spoke shortly after.

Johnson is the founder of the Blue Wall Institute, which specializes in first responder psychological wellness training.

She taught the officers real life skills to put to use when in high stress situations, and how to make sure the things you go through in the field, don’t go home with you.

“It helps to bring attention to everyone so that they can start to learn more about how to process those things so that they don’t take it home to their families,” said Patrol Sargent Kris Spangler.

Many officers said this training was important because they are too often focused on physical training, and not enough mental.

“We go on home visits, and we don’t know what’s behind that door… what guns we’re going to find, drugs we’re going to find. Whether we’re going to get poked, stabbed… we have to be prepared every day,” said Parole Officer Rose Rojas.

Story by UATV Reporter Samantha Marks

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