Local Company Develops Way to Fight Poverty

At this moment, 50 million Americans are struggling with hunger.

As a result, more food and personal care items are needed to help those in need.

“There’s a great need in our country, anywhere from 47 to 50 million people in need,” said Bret Raymond, co-founder and CEO

A local company called the Pack Shack has developed a way to bring relief to those affected by poverty and hunger in the United States.

“Be Neighborly is a simple, convenient way for people to purchase and donate pre-filled grocery bags to hunger relief organizations all across the country.”

Raymond saw a need for something innovative and new for anyone with a smart phone to donate groceries to relief organizations of your choice.

“We developed Be Neighborly to help people take a simple action right from their smart phone, so its really the easiest way to help stock the shelves of non profits all over the country.”

For Raymond and all other employees at the pack shack, the be neighborly team explains that they have created something so much greater than just a simple app.

“So its more than just a job, its a responsibility, its our duty to work together in a community to serve one another, to assist everyone and treat everyone as equals, really its a joy and an honor to get to be a part of this.”

Webb says that the best thing about be neighborly isn’t just the amount of help and positivity that’s been brought to the community.

“Its the volunteerism of the communities we get to go to and seeing the turnout and the crowds at these parties and their willingness to serve one another is amazing,” he said.

For the Be Neighborly team, this is their job.

For us, its an opportunity to make someone smile.

Story by UATV Reporter Austin Baker

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