Fraternity Starts Fund for Janitor

James Morgan has cleaned up fraternity messes for ten years without complaint.

“It gives me a freedom to kind of change jobs and keep doing things. And I get along with everybody pretty well,” he said.

He is the janitor at the Kappa Sigma house on Dickson St. But it’s not the job that keeps him around, it’s the people.

“I can tell the same jokes and you know, have new people every year,” Morgan said.

Those people are the fraternity members, and they do not let his hard work and good attitude go unnoticed.

“He’s always fixing holes in the house or just dealing with a bunch of just stuff that a traditional janitor wouldn’t deal with and he’s never complained,” Kappa Sigma president Colin Byrd.

That’s why, when James lost his sister in a motorcycle accident and gained responsibility of her two surviving children, the boys thought he deserved support.

“What we were trying to do is just give back to the guy that’s given so much to this house,” Burns said.

And they are giving back, monetarily. They started a go fund me page with a ten thousand dollar goal, and James has no idea.

The project started small, but when other greek houses were informed, the donations overflowed.

“We can really band together as like a greek life. It’s been really amazing seeing how the community here at Arkansas just gets behind one cause and helps out someone that they don’t even know,” he said.

The money will go to James to help him and his elderly mother raise 11-year-old Alex and 8-year-old Monte.

Kappa Sigma plans to reveal the donations to him when the dollar goal is met.

“I hope that he can get the feeling just of how much this house cares about him and that there are people here for him in this tough time,” Byrd said.

Story by UATV Reporter Alexandra Franks

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