Rhea Lana Impacts NWA Community

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (UATV)–A business that started in a living room has now expanded to a 70,000 square-foot warehouse in Northwest Arkansas (NWA).

Rhea Lana is a consignment store selling more than 100,000 children’s items.  For example:  clothes, shoes, books, toys, and furniture. Families are able to dress their children at a fraction of the cost. Also, families can recycle and sell those items to then buy for the next season.

NWA Owner of Rhea Lana said it’s not just a business and how she provides for her family, but how she impacts the community.

“Last year we had a group of women that had a friend who was a single mom who had come into the country to find out her husband had died so she was a widow and found out she had cancer.
So the group of women collected all these clothes and all the clothes collected they sold at Rhea Lana and used all the money made to help pay for all her cancer treatment bills,” said franchise owner Ashley Noland.

Rhea Lana’s business thrives from moms and mother figures in Northwest Arkansas making it one of the best children’s consignment event in the country.

Fayetteville mom Dee Calingson said, “It helps so many people, people who are having their first baby or subsequent children you can buy anything you need here.”

Rhea Lana is now in 26 states where they provide an event each fall and spring to help families.

For information on dates and locations click here.

Story by UATV Reporter Lauren Dedmon

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