Campus Carry Act Soon to Become Law

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (UATV)–In the near future, concealed handguns will be legal to carry on college campuses.

Firearms will continue to be banned in dorms, and recently the senate voted 22-10 to also ban them from college sporting events.

But even with these restrictions, some people still feel uneasy about the change.

One student says the best way to combat this is through education.

“If it’s going to be something that’s in our society, I think it would be good to know about it and at least know worst case scenario how to work a safety on a firearm or how to unload one safely if you were ever to come in contact with one,” said firearm enthusiast Gabriel Munson.

According to police chief Gary Crain, if students want to be able to carry a fire arm on campus, they must hold a concealed carry license as well as complete an eight hour training course designed by UAPD.

While some people think that more education on guns will ease people’s minds, others don’t think this will solve their problem with the bill.

“When people start carrying guns, they start accidentally discharging these guns. I mean this happened a couple years ago at KUAF,” said Philosophy professor Jack Lyons.

“Yes they can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but if you have them in the right hands, it can also be a great asset to protect others,” Munson said.

Dr. Lyons says that when it becomes legal to carry guns on campus, he will change his teaching regimen.

“I’ve thought about having office hours in a bar, I mean I don’t even drink but I’ve thought about it because bars are allowed to prohibit guns,” said Lyons.

Act 562 will become law on Sept. 1, 2017.

Story by UATV Reporter Clarissa Bustamante

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