Renovations Underway for UATV

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (UATV)–Hey there folks, we here at UATV are getting a little makeover. No, no, not that kind of makeover. We’re talking about the control room. Let’s take a look.

Where we’re standing now is the old control room. As you can see, it’s not really what it used to be. The real stars of our newscast are the ones that work behind the camera. And they sure did have a lot of fun in here, now we had our audio board. We had our technical board.

A lot of magic happened in this place and now we’re moving it right across the way over here in the old master control room so let’s take a look at that. All right, it looks like we’ve already got some people working in here!

This is the new control room, folks. Let’s take a look at all the new gadgets and gear going on in here.

We’ve got our same servers that we had before so that you the viewers can see what we’re putting out there. We’ve got our VTR so videos still run the same way they did before. And check this out, my good friend Franksy over here working on graphics. That’s what she’s really good at. And then we’ve also got our switcher. It’s a little bit smaller than the one we had in there. That’s definitely nice for the people working as a technical director for our shows.

Then we have our prompter which is very important for our anchors to read, I know that for sure. And then we have Skype and of course we’ve got our new audio board which is very technologically advanced compared to what we had in there the last time. Plenty of big TVs going on in here, I wish I had ’em in my room.

And now we’re going to look at the new server room, which actually happened to used to be a supply closet. I know that for sure because I put good use to it. Let’s take a step in there and see what we got going on.

Now this is the new server room, you saw a few over there but now this is where the majority of our servers are including a couple new ones. And we’ll make one last stop before we’re done with our tour of the new UATV.

It’s the same UATV you all know and love, by students for students.

Story by UATV Reporter Andrew Epperson

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