NWA Fashion Week

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (UATV) –Passion stems from the roots that run deep inside you. Some people are just lucky enough to follow their heart to success.

“I designed my first piece of clothing when I was 14. It’s funny because it was made out of newspaper and duct tape,” said designer Gavin Braswell.

Braswell’s ideas have blossomed into a beautiful flower of reality.

“It feels surreal, I’ve always dreamed about it as a child. It’s coming true right before my eyes,” he said.

The student designer debuted his line “G by Gavin” at the NWA Fashion Show and was met with a standing ovation.

“Branching out from being classified as a student designer to a real life designer. It changed overnight. Literally changed over night,” he said.

Inspiration can have an infinite amount of origins but sometimes it’s as simple as a single concept.

“I think its just glamour that inspired me the most,” said Braswell, “I mean hey its fashion.”

Student and runway model Taegan Lovelace defines the similarities between fashion and school.

“In architecture building, we have studios and reviews. It was kind of like reviews. The energy was like snap snap snap,” she said.

College is a place for students to learn who they are, but as Gavin Braswell knows, it’s a place that can define your future.

“I realized I wanted to live out my dreams as a fashion designer,” Braswell said.

Story by UATV Reporter Shane White

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