Benefits of Local Honey

Honey bees. When the flowers start blooming, they start buzzing.

“Oh this is good to see.”

And their honey may be more helpful than you realize.

“If you’re eating bee pollen, you’re taking in a little bit of that which is making you ill. If you take that in on a regular basis, just like you would take an allergy shot, or anything else, you will build up an immunity to it.”

Due to it aiding with allergies, many people seek out beekeepers like Keck during the spring time.

One University of Arkansas student takes advantage of this seasonal demand by turning bees’ liquid gold into green.

“There’s a lot of demand right now, when allergies start to hit, people really want the local honey.”

Goll hopes that this Spring more people become aware of the differences between store bought honey, and honey produced by beekeepers like him.

“Buying local honey is a big deal. You can buy these store brand honeys, but a lot of times, the pollen is removed from them through heating, and the enzymes are destroyed through heating. So getting raw lightly filter honey like mine from a local beekeeper is good.

Even if you don’t keep bees there is a simple way to help them and the local honey production.

“If you can, if you’re able to plant something that can feed the bees”

So this Spring help the bees, so they can help you.

Story by UATV Delanie Majors 

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