Rupple Road Adds an Extension

“I actually didn’t know it was here until a couple of weeks ago when one of my friends drove down it but it’s a good little extension and kind of less “trafficy” part to it,” said local resident Sarah Laborde.

The Rupple Road extension has made it a lot easier for residents to get from Wedington to MLK without using the interstate.

The relatively new one point five mile extension is now getting specced for tree and flower planting.​

“It’s an excellent north-south connection and they have intentions to keep going north all the way to porter road,” Urban Forester John Scott.

With the winter season coming to an end, city workers have begun prepping and installing plants picked by the city’s foresters.

Drivers can expect some lane closures throughout the next two months but city officials believe it’ll be worth the wait.​

“Beautiful medians and roundabouts is just going to make it really nice and picturesque around this whole area,” said Scott.

The city believes that this extension will help drive economic development to the southwest portion of Fayetteville.

Residents have positive feedback on the extension.

“I do like the openness this way because it’s pretty to run and see this but I do think flowers and plants will add a more homey feel to it so I think it’s a good idea,” said Laborde.

Story by UATV Reporter Billy Quach

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