University Programs Sponsors Talent Show

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (UATV)–For Liam McMahon, music has always been a part of his life. Growing up he was surrounded by the sounds of the mandolin and bluegrass. Now a junior history major at the University of Arkansas, McMahon continues his passion for music.

“I just think sound is really cool. I think that there is such a broad spectrum of emotion that you can convey through music. It’s cool to be able to tap into that,” he said.

McMahon is just one of the many diverse performers at the U of A. Every year, University Programs sponsors a talent show to spotlight the unique talents the student body has to offer. This year eight acts took the stage ranging from singing, juggling and poetry. McMahon says he uses the talent show as a way to keep up his musical skills.

“It’s always fun to be up on stage with nothing but you and a guitar and as much time as the talent show will give you,” he said.

After performing in his third show, McMahon is a veteran of the stage. However for some performers this was their first up talent show. Keghan Kavanaugh also known by his stage name “Taffy,” is a hip hop dancer who is always changing his moves with the music.

“It definitely depends on what kind of mood I’m in, because the same song one day isn’t going to be danceable the next day, for me,” he said.

Kavanaugh started dancing after he attended a summer camp in the 8th grade. Kavanaugh who has turrets uses dancing as a form of entertainment and release.

“Dancing for me sort of helps with being able to control how I do, it is also a way a really great way to express my emotions,” he said.

Now a freshman theater major, Kavanaugh wants to continue performing in front of crowds. He hopes that one day he can make a career out of acting.

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