Student Run Company Gives Back

A year ago in an entrepreneurship class, an assignment was given to get in a group and come up with an idea for a company.

Flash forward to today, where out of that same class came a company called Boxxyy, a successful company that started with five strangers and one common goal.

“What if we send you pet toys and treats every month and for every box you buy we send one to a local animal shelter in that person’s community,” said Woelffer.

This concept of giving back to the community is exactly what allows Boxxyy to stand out from other companies.

Woelffer said that taking the extra time to support local animal shelters is the reason Boxxyy is having so much success.

“I want to make sure my donation is going somewhere that I know, somewhere local to me and it makes it more special,” said Woelffer.

Boxxyy credits much of its success to the Walton College of Business.

Woelffer says that his four years in the school is what’s allowed him to give advice to students interested in starting their own business.

“You gotta put in the work, you gotta put in the time because if you don’t put in that work you don’t put in that time then it’s not gonna be successful,” student Casey Medlen said.

Boxxyy has allowed students to see the advantages of owning a company as a college student.

“It’s like trial by fire, so if you succeed it’s because you’re putting in hours and hours of work outside of your other responsibilities,” Medlen said.

Boxxyy is not just a business.

One of the goals of the company is to show students that the Walton College will prepare future business owners for life after college.

“There’s a lot of resources that students can tap whether it be professors, or grad students or just networking with other students who are also maybe trying to start their own business and do entrepreneurial type things,” Medlen said.

With Boxxyy beginning to become a big name in the pet subscription market, the five co-owners hope to spark inspiration in young entrepreneurs everywhere.

Story by UATV Reporter Austin Baker

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