Play Brings Awareness to Human Trafficking

“It’s not something that takes place on somebody else’s turf, that doesn’t have an impact on us. It impacts everyone and its here. And the only way to address it is to be involved,” Hardwick said.

Amy Hardwick teamed up with a play writer to produce the fairest flame as a way to raise not only funds, but awareness for human trafficking in our area.

“I’m a big believer as arts as a healing path. And putting the two together as a fundraiser just seemed like the right thing to do,” said actor Victoria Fox.

Victoria Fox played the main character Joan who was held as a prisoner of war by men. She was moved by how her role mirrored the lives of these victims.

“To come together and share an art that tells a story that is 100 years old but is still so relevant today and so relevant to what these women are going through I just thought it was a beautiful opportunity,” Fox said.

Some of these parallels and scenes were controversial. They portrayed rape and abuse. But the cast and crew felt as though it was necessary to reflect the truth.

“Thats something that these women have really experienced in their lives and we’re trying to help them. So to shy away from that would be a disservice to them telling their stories,” Fox said.

While the funds from the play will go to change the lives of the women in the home, Hardwick and the volunteers see it as life changing for them as well.

“I wonder who’s helping whom. Is Magdalene Serenity House helping them, or are they helping me and everyone else involved in it as volunteers,” Hardwick said.

They will continue to help these women by allocating these funds towards renovating the home and supporting them while they are there.

Story by UATV Reporter Delanie Majors

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