Temporary Roundabout Downtown

The temporary roundabout is located at the intersection of School Ave. and Spring St.

The city is experimenting with this roundabout at an intersection that is normally a four way stop.

City Engineer Chris Brown said, “If it works really well then we can duplicate it onto other intersections.”

This project is part of the city’s exploration into tactical urbanism, a concept developed by a group called street plans.

“They actually wrote a book on how you can do that using low cost materials, volunteer labor. Kind of do a quick change sort of thing,” said Brown.

The city is monitoring it’s social media and it’s online survey to hear what residents have to say about the new roundabout.

One driver who uses the intersection frequently to get to work does not like the change.

“The four way stop sign was fine for me. I’ve been almost hit more times with the roundabout then I was with the four way stop. Everybody knows how to work a four-way stop. For some reason nobody here knows how to work a roundabout,” said JJ’s waitress Samantha Marks.

Roundabouts are not common in residential areas and that could be problematic for people who aren’t used to using a roundabout at a small intersection.

The city hopes that over time, drivers and bikers will get used to the new change and appreciate the ability to safely go through an intersection without having to stop.

Story by UATV Reporter Billy Quach

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