Vertical Mile Challenge

A new kind of fitness challenge raises the bar; the Vertical Mile Challenge.

During the month of February, from four to eight Sunday through Thursday, students, faculty or staff can come to the climbing wall gym and see if they can climb a mile vertically.

The mile is 5,280 feet, which is 165 laps up the wall.

“One lap is starting at the bottom, climbing to the top, touching the wall, that counts as one.”

UREC Outdoors employee, Anna Jones, thinks climbers like to participate because it gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

“They’re building their bodies stronger and making their climbing ability better,” Jones said.

Last year, over 8,000 laps were recorded during the Vertical Mile Challenge.

Daily climber Patrick Clarkson decided to take an even steeper challenge than simply doing the mile in one month.

“One of my friends was challenging me and said ‘Do the mile in one day’ and I said, “Can’t pass up on that,” he said.

And not only did Patrick complete the mile in one day, it took him three fours and 40 minutes.

But you don’t have to be a pro climber like Patrick to participate in this event.

“And even if you’ve never climbed before, the employees here will help you learn how.”

The event runs on an honor system, and you count your own laps each time you come in to climb.

Story by UATV Reporter Samantha Marks

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