President Trump’s Travel Ban Affects Local Resettlement Center

In the past year of it’s existence, Canopy Northwest Arkansas has helped resettle 11 adults and seven children in the area.

They were about to welcome another family until President Trump’s executive order was put into place.

Resettlement Director Emily Crane said, “We had a family that we were expecting to pick up at the airport on Monday. And we had a co-sponsor team ready for them, we had an apartment set up, everything was in place.”

In light of the order, they had a meeting to address the ban.

Former refugee and immigrant, Farah Abusafe came to share her story and perspective.

She said, “I think this just fuels this generalization about people, about immigrants that hey, they come from these seven states, oh, they’re terrorists.”

She believes immigrants and refugees can help as well during this time by speaking out.

“To stand up and say, hey we are the good people, you know these, they don’t represent us. These states don’t represent us and we’re here to become self-serving sufficient citizens of society,” Abusafe said.

Until the ban is lifted, Canopy is focusing on themselves as an organization.

They said, “For us to use these 120 days to become the most welcoming, most unified, best equipped community we can be.”

During this time they ask the community to invest in the refugees already here by donating and volunteering their time and skills.

Story by UATV Reporter Delanie Majors

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