Undecided Voters

Like many other students at the UofA, Christen Kordsmeier is still on the fence about who she plans to vote for in the upcoming election.

“I’m undecided on this, this election has been kind of crazy and I have no idea who to pick,” Kordsmeier said.

Even though the debates have officially ended, she does not think they helped in making a decision. However, she believes it’s her responsibility to cast her vote.

“I want to put my two cents in, we are a democracy for a reason and I want to exercise that right,” she said.

Political Analyst Hoyt Purvis believes it’s not the debates that are confusing, it’s the candidates themselves.

“Some people are unhappy with the nominee even though it may be a party that they usually vote for,” Purvis said. “That’s true with some of the republicans that are not happy with Trump, some democrats and independents who might normally vote democratic are not necessarily supporting Hillary Clinton.”

But Puvis does have some tips that will help make it easier for voters to decide who they want to vote for.

“Look at the real issues and the policy questions and the capability for leadership the real commitment to get things done,” he said.

These tips are some of the questions Kordsmeier needs answered before being able to make an educated decision.

“Moving forward into the future, this is what Clinton can bring or this is what Trump can bring to the table and that will help us make our decision on who to vote for this election.

-Courtesy of  UATV Reporter Kristen Belue

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