An Inside Look at UATV

In 1996, Larry Foley, who is now the chair of the Lemke Department of Journalism, decided to start a television station at the University of Arkansas for the first time.

“I really felt like we needed a campus TV station for the students to learn and put into practice what they were learning in the classroom, we needed an on air laboratory,” Larry Foley said.

For 20 years, UATV has been a hands on learning environment for students, and though the technology has changed the fundamentals have not.

“Ethical decision making, putting together a news cast and a television program that takes a team effort, understanding what it takes to put something together that is solid, that is significant, that is important and sometimes entertaining,” Foley said.

For UATV’s 20th anniversary, students are working on a live show to celebrate the milestone.

Mary Kate Carson is helping produce the program, and she is learning a lot through the process.

“All of those different elements just like learning where it came from, and seeing how we are apart of where it’s going to go is just really exciting as a journalism student,” Carson said.

By seeing and learning from alumni that have come through the program, she has the added confidence she needs for the future.

“It makes me excited to be able to look at students here and the next 15, 20 years and say like I remember when I was at UATV, it’s so different now, this was what I did, this is what I learned just being that example for them as alumni was that example for me,” she said.

And Foley wants UATV to last for years to come.

“It’s kind of a legacy long after I’m gone, there will be a UATV that’s run by students and I can’t, it’s impossible for me to articulate how great that makes me feel,” Foley said.

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