Election Process Changing for Voters in Washington County

In the past, casting your vote was easy.

You show up at the polling center, use a touch screen computer to choose your candidates and that was it- your vote was cast.

Well, this November, things are going to be a little different.

Instead of just using one computer to cast your vote, you’ll be using two separate devices.

The first is the express vote. This machine is a touch screen device just like the voting computers in previous years.

But this computer simply marks your choices, it does not cast your vote.

A ballot will print at the bottom of the machine, you take that paper and submit it into the ballot counter separately.

Some people can be hesitant to trust technology wit their vote this November, but according to officials at the Washington County Election Commission, this new technology actually lowers the risk of error.

The voter is able to double check their votes twice while casting their vote, and then again when their ballot is printed.

Then, they personally cast their ballot into the machine.

Seven days before election day, officials are required to test their voting systems.

They cast fake ballots in order to ensure that the computers are counting the votes correctly.

But Washington Country starts testing early, in fact they’re running tests this week.

I spoke with election coordinator Jennifer Price and she said that these checks and balances are all part of the process.

“It’s very important that you get it correct, and that it’s accurate, and that the voters have a good feeling that they know that it’s a good, secure election and that they can rely on the results that they get.”

Now paper ballots are still an option for those uncomfortable with al the technology that comes with election day, but only during early voting.

-Courtesy of UATV Reporter Sawyer Buccy 




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