Online Title IX Course Now Mandatory for New Students

Before registering for spring classes, the U of A requires that new students complete an online training program in order to prevent sexual misconduct on campus.

The program, titled Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault, is part of a sexual violence prevention initiative that various colleges and universities across the country are taking part in.

Chancellor Joe Steinmetz explains the nature of the course in an email letter he sent to new students yesterday.

The letter reads:

“Part of the reason that sexual misconduct on college campuses is a growing issue is that people don’t always understand what constitutes sexual misconduct, or what they can do to prevent it, how to get help, how to report it, or the connections between alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct…. This online course will help you understand key definitions relating to sexual assault and relationship violence.  It will help you learn confidence-building strategies and bystander intervention skills built around real-life scenarios.  The course also will help you recognize signs of abuse and will address situations that can be challenging or confusing regarding consent in your own relationships.”

The online course is mandatory for:

  • All new freshmen for fall 2016
  • All new transfer freshmen
  • All new transfer students at any level
  • All new graduate students from other institutions
  • All new graduate students that were formerly students of this institution
  • All new law students (both from other institutions or receiving their undergraduate at this institution.)
  • All new agriculture law students – whether or not they received their law degrees from the U of A

The course is one hour long and can be accessed online at

-Courtesy of Arkansas Newswire



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