New Solution for Razorback Football Game Traffic

As a result of the high attendance at Razorback football games, Razorback Athletics has partnered with the Fayetteville Police Department and the University of Arkansas Police Department to create color coded pre-game and post-game traffic routes in hopes of clearing the usual jam around the stadium.

The new colored routes are being implemented to provide fans with the easiest, most direct way to get to their desired location. After receiving a parking pass from the Razorback Foundation, fans can expect to receive a recommended route color for entering and exiting the stadium based on their designated parking lot.

Maps and descriptions of the routes can be found below:

Blue Route (Razorback Road and Cato Springs Road) – Based primarily west of the stadium on Razorback Road, the blue route will serve those in parking lots 46, 47N, 55, 56, 56B, 56D, 59, 60, 62, 72R and 73A, Meadow Street Parking Garage and The Gardens. The blue route includes entry from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Razorback Road/Cato Springs Road. Post-game traffic will be routed exclusively to the Razorback Road/Cato Springs Road exit on I-49. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is not an option post-game.

Blue pre-game I-49 exit: 60 (Razorback Road / Cato Springs Road)
Blue post-game I-49 exit: 60 (Razorback Road / Cato Springs Road)

Orange Route (MLK and I-49) – The orange route is located to the south and west of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium and services parking lots 1, 47W, 52, 57, 57B, 63, 74, 74A, 74B, 74C and FB. The route includes entry from Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to Eastern Avenue and Razorback Road during pre-game traffic flow, while utilizing Eastern Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in post-game traffic flow. Razorback Road is not an option for post-game.

Orange pre-game I-49 exit: 62 (MLK Blvd.)
Orange post-game I-49 exit: 62 (MLK Blvd.)

Purple Route (Sang Avenue and Wedington Avenue) – The purple route operates west and north of the stadium and is the recommended route for parking lots 29, 42, 43, 72 BMS, 73 and 76. Entry and exit are both conducted via Sang Avenue and Wedington to access I-49.

Purple pre-game I-49 exit: 64 (Wedington Dr.)
Purple post-game I-49 exit: 64 (Wedington Dr.)

Green Route (Garland Avenue) – The green route offers the most efficient route to those parking north of the stadium utilizing Garland Avenue as the main entry and exit to I-49. The route is preferred for parking lots 25, 25A, 44 Grass, 44, 44W, 44E, Stadium Parking Deck, Garland Parking Deck, 36, 36B, and 37.

Green pre-game I-49 exit: 65 (Porter Road) or 66 (Garland Ave.)
Green post-game I-49 exit: 65 (Porter Road) or 66 (Garland Ave.)

Red Route (US 71 / College Avenue) – The red route is the recommended option for almost every fan parking to the south and east of the stadium including parking lots 7, 8, 9, 26, 31, 31N, 32, 33, 35, 35N, 36A, 38, 52, 62 and 71.  For pre-game the route utilizes U.S. 71 (School Ave.) and College Avenue feeding into MLK and then to Stadium Drive. Post-game traffic is directed from Stadium Drive south to MLK and then East to College Avenue and U.S. 71 (School Ave.).

Red pre-game I-49 exit: 67 (College Avenue/71B)
Red post-game I-49 North exit: 67 (College Avenue/71B)
Red post-game I-49 South exit: 58 (HWY 71 (School Ave.)/Greenland)

The first Razorback football game is Saturday, Sept. 3 at 3 p.m.

-Courtesy of Arkansas Newswire

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