EpiPen Cost Rises

For some people it’s easy to afford, but for others its not.

“Its unreachable. Its unobtainable,” Nathanael Cosio of Rogers said.

John Lykins, pharmacist at Lowell Pharmacy believes it has noting to do with how much it costs to manufacture the drug.

“Its not a hard drug to make, there are many other drugs that are in vials so its no that the drugs expensive,” Lykins said.

Lykins also said it only takes four dollars to make the Epi-pen , but since there are no other drugs on the market – its easy for manufactures to mark up the price of the life saving drug.

What used to cost around 100 dollars now can run over 600 dollars for the same drug.

Nathanael Cosio is allergic to shellfish. Now he’s not prepared if he actually comes in contact with it.

“I didnt get the Epi-pen because it was too expensive, my doctor told me if I do this again I could die,” Cosio said.

And the solution to all of this? More competition.

“The patent is expired on this product so there’s no reason why another generic product can’t be made,” Lykins said.

-Courtesy of UATV Reporter Lance Lloyd

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