Rubio Rallies in Northwest Arkansas

The natural state transformed into a political battlefield yesterday. Senator Marco Rubio was just one of the four presidential hopefuls to rally for the Arkansas vote. Thousands of people lined up outside the Immanuel Baptist Church in Rogers, awaiting to hear Rubio speak.
Senator Bart Hester introduced Marco Rubio to the stage, along with Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, who after the vote in South Carolina, made the decision to endorse Senator Rubio. Gov. Hutchinson says it was clear to him Senator Rubio was his choice for the presidency after he saw the fight for South Carolina.
Senator Rubio started off the night jabbing at the other opponents. He even read mean tweets about fellow GOP candidate, Donald Trump. He kept at Trump, saying he “preys off fear” to gain supporters and that Trump is trying to do to voters what he did to the students at Trump University.
Rubio didn’t leave out the democrat candidates. He went after Bernie Sanders supporters saying, “ if you want to live in a socialist country, you should move to a socialist country.” A heckler didn’t like these comments and later on yelled out against Rubio, to which Rubio replied, “don’t worry, I’ll cut his taxes too.” Police escorted the man out.
The Senator told his story, about how he grew up living paycheck to paycheck. He discussed his policies for student loan debt and actually said he is “the only candidate who has a plan for student loan debt.”
Rubio ended his rally discussing the ways America would be different when he became president. He discussed his views on how the Constitution should be applied the way it was originally written. He rallied that history books would say Americans “embraced the opportunities” and that “the American dream reached more people and changed more lives than ever before.”

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