Deadly Tornadoes and Flooding Strike the Midwest

At least 25 people have been killed in the Plains and Midwest from a combination of tornadoes and flooding over a multi-day stretch of dangerous weather.

Investigators from the National Weather Service say a tornado that hit Garland, Texas, Saturday was an EF4 – that’s the second strongest tornado rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The Garland tornado is only the second EF4 to hit Dallas County since 1950. In total, 11 people died in tornadoes that hit the Lone Star State on Saturday.

The twisters also left major damage in Blue Ridge and Copeville, among others. These tornadoes flipped vehicles off bridges, reduced homes to rubble and reportedly led to a large fire at a Sunnyvale trailer park that was mostly destroyed.

These storms came just days after a tornado outbreak hit the mid-South on Christmas Eve, killing at least 18 people in multiple states. Prior to this week, only 10 people had been killed by tornadoes in all of 2015.

The storm system also dumped torrential, persistent rainfall in several states to the north of Texas. The flooding became so bad that nine people were killed in Missouri, and five died in Illinois.

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-Courtesy of the Weather Channel

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