Frozen Pipes a Concern During Extreme Cold


With freezing temperatures comes freezing pipes. The Fayetteville Utilities Department is encouraging residents to take precaution with water and sewer systems to avoid freeze-ups. There are many simple steps residents can follow to prevent problems. One is to close all crawl space and basement vents. Installing foam insulation around your pipes is encouraged. Another tip is to make sure your water meter lid is firmly attached to the meter box. Another simple step is removing all hoses from outside faucets or installing faucet covers. If you plan on leaving the house, make sure the heater is turned on but at a low setting in order to save energy. Also, leave the water in one indoor faucet dripping slowly.  For extremely frigid days, open cabinet doors where pipes on exterior walls run through the cabinets to allow the flow of heater air from inside the home.

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