Sorority Recruitment

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Live Shot:

With the school year coming to an end, U of A greeks are trading in their study groups for recruitment practices. The Panhellenic houses are getting ready for the potential new member seeking to become apart of a greek organization.

This is a tune that Kappa Delta Recruitment chair Sadie Aronson has become very familiar with.

“Door songs are basically apart of my life now because we sing them at every practice , many times and so they are always stuck in my head! “

Sorority recruitment takes months of preparation. With most houses starting weekly practice in January, Aronson says it’s a necessity.

“Without these months of preparation recruitment would just be a mess for us and so these months are really valuable for us to learn everything and get everything right before rush week.”

It is in these weekly practices; girls cover when and how every single detail of rush will be carried out.

“ We practice the room set ups that we go into we also practice conversation workshops so we kinda learn what to talk to the PNM about and how to make them feel really comfortable when they come visit KD during recruitment.”

“ Being a potential new member I never realized how much work really went into it but now being on the other side for the first time I realized how much we have to practice and how much work you really have to put into it. “

During practices girls also review the rules Panhelenic sets for each house to follow in dealing with the potential new member, commonly referred to as a PNM.

“We have rules that have to do with like spacing we have to always make sure the PNM’s are in close contact with one another we cant isolate them to where they are just with a sorority member by themselves. “

Each house will have to put in a lot of time to prepare for the expected 180 new members, but it is time well spent according to House Mom MeMe

“I know when they finish, what they started, its going to be excellent”


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