Prevent Bike Theft

bikesBicycles are not only a popular method of transportaion, they’re also a popular target with thieves.
The UAPD has had several bike thefts reported since the start of the semester.
To combat this problem, the UAPD has compiled a list of tips to help you protect your bike from being stolen. If your bike is stolen contact UAPD as soon as possible.

Tips to Prevent Bicycle Theft:
1. Use U-locks to secure your bike (some U-locks come with a guarantee that if your bike is stolen, the company will replace it).

2. Secure the U-lock to the frame of the bicycle rather than the wheel.

3. Don’t secure your bicycle to street signs or trees, especially in dark areas.

4. Cover or scratch over the names of expensive brands.

5. Register your bicycle with university Parking and Transit to provide a record of your bike. Take a picture of your bike and keep a copy of the serial number in case of theft.

6. Add your own numbers in a place on the bike that only you know; scratch or paint them on a hidden area of the bicycle.

7. Take a picture of your bicycle.

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