Campus Bookstore Preparations

The Bookstore Rush

The end of summer marks the beginning of the “book rush” for many local campus bookstores. The Campus Bookstore on Dickson St. prepares by getting all the new books and merchandise stocked and ready for the new school year. The bookstore hires summer help and additional help for the rush.

“We pretty much consider it the week before school and the week of school,” said Chase Brantley, a five-year employee of the bookstore. “Because of tax-free weekend they do every year now, our rush is a week earlier so we’re actually considering it to start on Saturday.”

A recent trend in textbooks has been book rentals. A student can pay a flat price for a book, normally way less than buying price, and return the books at the end of the semester for no buy-back profit.

“We do also rent books,” said Brantley. “We try to be comparable to those [rental] websites. I wouldn’t say it’s hurt our business. It’s kind of changed the way we have done business.”

by: Jill Inman

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