Fayettechill to Expand

Reporter:Austin Jones

In 2009, Mo Elliot was a junior at the University of Arkansas with a love and passion for the Ozarks. He believed he could translate the outdoor Ozark culture into a hip and sustainable clothing line. He started out slow with only making 45 T-shirts to sell to his friends. Once he saw success, he knew he had something special for the people who share the same lifestyle he has. This lifestyle reflects the brand name “Fayettechill” which caught the attention of students and residents in Northwest Arkansas. For the first 2 and half years all the products were packaged and sold out of Mo Elliot’s apartment. He rented out a small office space on the Fayetteville square where he was able to take the overload from his apartment. Now Fayettechill is on the move to a bigger store where more retail can be sold.The new store is located on West, left of West end and right across the street from Z Bar. His idea became a reality and much more. Fayettechill put together a team of outdoors athletes, from mountain bikers, rock climbers, kayakers, fly fishers, triathlon athletes, & marathon runners. These athletes represent the brand, culture and attitude.

Grant Holden, co-founder of Fayettechill, began marketing the brand and products all over northwest Arkansas. He started a website www.fayettechill.com where the majority of the sales take place.  He wanted to steer the company into giving back to the community in teaming up with non-profit organizations. Mo is anxious on getting his upcoming products that will be in store soon. Fayettechill has teamed up with some big name brands that will bring high quality for their products and customize hats and jackets to their collection. The brand has caught the attention of non-profits that will give the necessary edge for big time growth. They are happy with the new location because of the constant foot traffic and new development surrounding that area. Once their new collection arrives, they want to focus on selling them to specialty outdoors stores such as Lewis and Clark and Pack Rat.

You can also catch Fayettechill on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter:   http://twitter.com/Fayettechill

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fayettechill

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