Fayetteville based company leading the nation in laser data transfer technology


Tucked away in a small office off Research Center Drive is a company that is changing the nations perception of Arkansas.  Space Photonics is a

company that is among the top in the country at developing and improving technology in the field of laser data transfer.


Space Photonics was created in 1999 by owner and CEO Chuck Chalfant.  An engineer himself Chuck and others have worked over the past twelve years

with government entities such as the Department of Defense, the Air Force, and NASA.  Several of companies products are in current use aboard the space station.


One of the main projects that is being worked on is the Laser Fire System, which is a device that transfers data in large quantities at exceptionally high speeds.

The device is extremely secure and will in hopes eventually be necessary in the field as the rise in technology continues.


Space Photonics adapts to new challenges and demands, but they also are changing the perception of the nation by showing that

the state of Arkansas isn’t a state that has been, “left behind.”


With the amount of data being transferred these days current devices are become obsolete even faster because of the readily increasing technology surge.

Space Photonics main focus is to stay in front of the that surge so that they can supply costumers with the most up to date data transfer systems.


Space Photonics while small, is still a fierce competitor in the world of data transfer and they are starting to bring some recognition to state of Arkansas.

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