Co-op Not Cooperating

Jade Saylors
Fayetteville, Ark.– The doors of Ozark Natural Foods remain closed, after workers went on strike at the end of the business day Sunday. In a letter posted on the ONF website, employees said they refuse to work under the current conditions and will not return to their jobs until the requests of the ONF staff and owners are heeded. The employees said the Board of Directors failed to take action against two Board members after they were voted to be dismissed by owners. The letter also calls for the reinstatement of Alysen Land as the store General Manager as per request of a majority of employees.
The letter states:
“We believe that it is impossible for our board of directors to carry on a reasonable relationship with this management team, with the staff, and with our ownership until Linda Ralston and Sue Graham resign. We believe that in their absence, the remaining members can move on to the crucial decisions of our time. We believe that in their absence, Alysen Land will be returned to her position as General Manager; that John Eldridge will be removed and an attorney who is willing to defend our bylaws will be hired; that our mortgage will paid in full as we promised the ownership many months ago. We believe that in the absence of Linda Ralston and Sue Graham, our ownership and our community, rather than personal agendas, will once again become the focus of our board of directors.”

This statement was followed by an apology from employees and contact information for those who would like to contact the ONF co-op Board Members. To read the full letter go here,

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