News for 8/23/2010

As the school year kicks off, so does the Razorback football team. This year the University is testing a new ticket program allowing students in to both football and home basketball games. Whereas last year the tickets were a buck a game, this year they will cost five dollars. However, last year, joint season tickets for both sports would be $115, and this year it will only cost students $65.

The University also increased the number of available online classes offered this semester. Students around the world now have access to over 125 classes online. The online enrollment saw a rise of more than 30 percent this past year. The university believes the online classes will provide opportunities for a much greater number of people to reach a higher education.

A meth lab was discovered after one woman smelled smoke in her apartment this weekend. The lab was discovered in an apartment complex on Blue Jay Lane in Bentonville. Brothers, Nathan and Brian Slaughter were arrested for possession of drug paraphenilia. Charles Scott was captured after he was seen fleeing the complex. The apartment complex has been closed until it can be cleaned and inspected.

After 17 days trapped in a mine, 33 Chilean miners were found alive. The mine collapsed Aug. 5, and the miners were thought to be dead. But officials and relatives were excited when they found the miners had all made it to the underground shelter. There is still a lot of work to be done before the miners get out, but food and medicine will be able to get to the miners.

For razorback football fans, the hype for this season started about 5 minutes after the Liberty Bowl victory over East Carolina. Throughout the off-season, the buzz around the state has consistently been around this season and what to expect from this team. Adding to the hogs already high standards, the squad joined five other SEC teams in the pre-season AP top 25 poll. The Razorbacks, ranked 17th nationally, received its highest rank to begin the season since 1990, where the hogs started out as number 14. arkansas’s road to glory begins on september 4th at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium against Tennessee Tech.

Tiger Woods announced this week that he and his wife Elin are officially divoriced. The news comes nine months after the middle-of-the-night car crash outside Wood’s home. “We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” Tiger said. The terms of the divorice have not been disclosed but it is expected that Elin and Woods will share the custody of their two children.

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