Parking Becoming Tougher on Campus

On Campus

If you are planning to park at a metered parking spot when coming to campus, you can expect some delays.
Grammy award winner Steve Martin will be performing at the Walton Arts Center.
A student was arrested on campus Saturday and charged with DUI.

In Northwest Arkansas

Two suspects are in custody after an early morning assault in Fort Smith.
The sheriff of Cleburne county says one person was killed when a tornado struck the north-central Arkansas county late Wednesday night.
Court documents are presenting a clearer picture of what police say led to the shooting death of a toddler.

Around The World

Three strong earthquake aftershocks hit Chile today.
As aftershocks of the Chile earthquake are still being felt, the scientific aftershocks are surprising.
The band Pink Floyd won a legal battle today against record label EMI that will prevent the sale of individual songs online.

Sports Beat

For teams holding down the bottom of the standings this year, there is still one shred of hope left to get into the NCAA tournament.
Suiting up for the hogs tonight will be three players who were given All-SEC honors this week.
In a reversal of roles Tiger Woods may soon be back in the eye of the public.

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