Garland Parking Deck Construction Noise; Paperless Campus

On Campus

Parking deck construction causes headaches for student neighbors.

A record number of ballots are cast in the Silver Reels Awards.

The ASG approves additional funding for Razorback Quidditch.

A paperless campus initiative works to improve sustainability.

Construction of the new Nanotechnology Building is underway on Dickson.

Hundreds of animals were spayed and tagged last weekend.

In the Area

A registered sex offender is on the loose.

Medicaid is project to run a deficit in 2012.

Another H1N1 death occurs in Arkansas.

A late Arkansas veteran of World War II is honored.

Around the World

A search is underway for a missing girl in San Diego.

A child was allowed to act as an air traffic controller in New York.

A tragic plane crash occurs at an air show in India.


Razorback baseball team scores big win against Big 12 foe.

The U.S. Men’s Soccer team faces The Netherlands.

John Daly gets into twitter trouble.

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