Arkansas Faces Vanderbilt In Bud Walton Arena Replay

1:41 PM: UATVOnline Welcome to the Live Blog of the Basketball game today from Bud Walton Arena. Arkansas is facing off against Vanderbilt- tip-off is at 12:47 p.m. Arkansas is 14-14 on the season, 7-6 in the SEC. Vandy is 21-6 overall and 10-3 in the SEC.

2:41 PM: UATVOnline A lot of energy here in Bud Walton today…looks like its going to be a good fan game

2:41 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas starting lineup for this afternoon is Fortson, Britt, Clarke, Johnson, Powell. Vandy starters are Beal, Ogilvy, Jenkins, Walker and Taylor.

2:46 PM: UATVOnline Just moments away from tip here at Bud Walton- Hogs looking to get back on track from their loss on Wednesday.

2:47 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas wins the tip but Vandy gets on the board first. 2-0

2:49 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas isn’t starting the game off well…given up both possessions and Vandy on top 6-0.

2:52 PM: UATVOnline 2 minutes in Arkansas finally gets on the boards with a layup by Marcus Britt.

2:53 PM: UATVOnline Timeout- 15:25 left to play- Vandy on top 10 to 4.

2:54 PM: UATVOnline Well it looks like Washington is checking in. Be interesting to see how his ankle does.

2:55 PM: UATVOnline Washington note: he was limping in pre-game warmups.

2:57 PM: UATVOnline Ogilvy is controlling the paint- so far has 4 points and 1 assist.

3:01 PM: UATVOnline Washington is limping around the court and grimacing- not sure how much longer he can play.

3:04 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas is 4-12 on their field goals…that’s 33%- not good. Vandy is 8-14 at 57%.

3:05 PM: UATVOnline At 11:20 left in the half Vandy on top 18-11.

3:08 PM: UATVOnline 3-pointer by Powell good- Vandy 18 Arkansas 13. 10:40 left in half.

3:09 PM: UATVOnline Fortson out for 4 mins of play but back in now.

3:09 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas losing the turnover battle with four turnovers, Vandy has 1.

3:10 PM: UATVOnline Crowd goes wild here in Bud Walton as Clarke swishes a three-pointer. 23-16 Vandy still on top.

3:16 PM: UATVOnline Timeout here in Bud Walton- Vandy has a definite lead 31-19. Its clear in the shooting percentages as well 63% to 38%.

3:19 PM: UATVOnline Powell and Clarke are leading the points front for the Hogs- 11 and 8 respectively. 6 of Clarke’s came off 2 three-pointersthat brought the crowd to their feet.

3:22 PM: UATVOnline Powell gets the layup and draws the foul. Crowd on their feet here as the Commodores still lead 35-27.

3:24 PM: UATVOnline 3:38 left to play in the 1st half Arkansas down by 12 points- 39-27.

3:30 PM: UATVOnline 2:16 left to play in the eerily quiet media timeout. 43-31 Vandy. Shooting percentage update: 68% to 41% Vandy on top.

3:32 PM: UATVOnline 10 secs left in the half and Fortson holding on the ball. Passes off to Powell and misses.

3:53 PM: UATVOnline Halftime here at Bud Walton Arena- Vandy 45 Arkansas 35. Powell the biggest factor for Arkansas in the first half.Played 19 mins, 21 points

3:55 PM: UATVOnline Starting up the second half here in Bud Walton. Arkansas needs to improve on the rebounds, turnovers and shooting percentage.

3:59 PM: UATVOnline Just over 15 minutes to play 58-43 Vandy. Arkansas not looking good with the rebounds.

4:10 PM: UATVOnline Under 12 minutes to play here in Bud Walton. Vandy leads 62-44. Arkansas having problems with turnovers…still.

4:13 PM: UATVOnline Arkansas shooting 36 percent. 64-45 Vandy.

4:21 PM: UATVOnline 9 mins to play and Arkansas is now down by 24 points. 71-47.

4:21 PM: UATVOnline 9 minutes to play and Arkansas is now down by 24 points. 71-47.

4:26 PM: UATVOnline Timeout here in Bud Walton. Just under 7 mins to play 75-53 Vandy. The crowd has really thinned and even Pratchard looks like he’s ready to go home.

4:30 PM: UATVOnline Fans mass exit Bud Walton. Hogs now down by 22 points.

4:32 PM: UATVOnline One of the finals timeouts here in Bud Walton. 3:27 left to play.

4:37 PM: UATVOnline The players look like they are done. You can almost hear a pin drop in Bud Walton.

4:40 PM: UATVOnline In the final minute here in Bud Walton. Vandy on top 89-70. Arkansas has closed the points gap in the final few mins.

4:43 PM: UATVOnline And that’s the game. 89-72 Vandy. The saddest part about it the hogs looked best in the final few minutes.

4:47 PM: UATVOnline Stay tuned for postgame.

4:54 PM: UATVOnline Stallings said he is happy he finally won in Fayetteville.

5:12 PM: UATVOnline Pelphrey said Powell carried us on his back.

5:12 PM: UATVOnline And he’s suprised that Washington got as many mins as he did. Finished with 22.

5:14 PM: UATVOnline “It’s been a tough week on us.” Pelphrey.

Well that does it from Bud Walton Arena this afternoon.  Look for the game recap later in the evening.  Also look for the track and field recap as well as the baseball recap.

Andrew Halliburton

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