Update-Shooting at Alabama University

Three people were killed and three others were wounded yesterday after a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

According to police 45 year-old biology professor Amy Bishop Anderson was in a science faculty meeting when she shot six colleagues. She was arrested as she was leaving the building. Anderson is charged with capital murder and three counts of attempted murder. She is eligible for the death penalty in Alabama.

Police say Anderson shot and killed her brother in 1986. She was never charged and police records indicate that it was an accidental shooting.

University spokesman Ray Garner has identified the dead as Gopi Podila, chairman of the biological sciences department; Maria Davis, associate professor of biology; and Adriel Johnson, associate professor of biology.

The injured were Joseph Leahy, associate professor of biology, in critical condition; Luis Cruz-Vera, assistant professor if biology, in stable condition; and Stephanie Monticello, staff assistant, also in stable condition.
Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of other suspects in connection with the shooting.

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