Introducing UATVs Flashback Friday

If you tune in to UATV this Friday night, you might be taken aback by some retro graphics and even more so by a few old-fashioned TV shows. It’s time to step out of your Delorean and watch some of UATV’s best… and possibly worst shows from over the years. A lot has changed in the the basement of Kimpel over the years, but one thing has remained the same: Student Produced Television.

There is an old saying that goes that you have to know where you came from, to know where you are going. So it is WAY past time that we show you where we were. With that, we proudly present a new block of shows to bide your time on Friday’s. It’s called Flashback Friday and this week we will be airing a couple of episodes of Razorback Reels and a throwback edition of Campus Crossfire from way back  in ’03. We will also have your retro sports fix with UA journalism graduate and ESPN 96.3’s Derek Ruscin. His forray to the TV world starts here with this October 2003 airing of RuscinIs Ranting. It is almost like our own little “before they were famous” segment. Also catch another 2003 favorite, The Fantasy Advantage. I would tell you if it’s about fantasy sports or the fantasy realm of Dungeons and Dragons, but we will let you be surprised at 10pm.

All the fun starts at 7 o’clock this Friday.

7:00   PM Razorback Reels, 10-21-04

7:30   PM Razorback Reels, 3-9-05

8:00   PM Campus Crossfire, 10-22-03

9:00   PM Ruscin Is Ranting, 10-7-03

10:00 PM The Fantasy Advantage, 9-25-03

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