Live Blogging UATV's Free Water Giveaway

2:44pm: Justin is talking to a cheerleader right now about our UATV lineup. If you can’t make it up to the Union to hear his spill, just check the schedule on

2:47pm: Just threw a water bottle to the guy riding a unicycle. He screamed- “UATV Channel 14!” and his posse yelled- “You are going to kill him.”

2:51pm: Justin and Adam are harrasing freshmen and talking up the great opportunities at UATV. Follow us on Twitter @UATV.

2:56pm: The sun is hiding behind the Union and it’s starting to get chillier. So by default the water temperature is also dropping. Good news is that there are plenty of students who know who we are!

3:00pm: ONE bottle left! They are flying off the table. Who will be the lucky one to get the last H2O?

3:02pm: Amanda, a photog from The Razorback, grabbed the last water. She also stole my brand new copy of the yearbook. I guess I will stick to Facebook after all. Thanks for following us and watch Campus Crossfire tonight at 7pm and UATV News at 9.

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